Lolita Desu Lolita Lucky Pack Medium

1455927_10208249025526910_1884500627524666934_n (1)

For Christmas I wanted to get myself a Lolita Desu Lucky Pack. I’ve heard some positive stories about the packs, so I was curious.

I ordered the medium pack on the 5th of December. I asked for black and white oldschool, with mostly tops. On the 11th it shipped and on the 22nd it arrived!

I was surprised all the items fit in the small box I received, but that’s expected from Japanese sellers (they have surprisingly good packing skills).

In the medium pack I got:

-oldschool AP postcard
-Baby black bonnet
-AP white x black blouse
-Meta headdress
-unknown brand (possibly IW) mini sidebow
-Maxicimam Lovely bolero
-BTSSB underbust bustier



All in all I was quite pleased with what I got. Though as I’m a petite size (and stated so), I got a Maxicimam Lovely bolero, which means plus size. I do not fit the bolero at all, so I contacted Lolita Desu to try and resolve the problem.

Fox replied back and they offered me 3 options: sending the whole pack back and getting a full refund, getting a partial refund for the item’s value or getting another item of the same value. I choose the last option.

It took a while for them to reply, but I guessed that was because of the holidays, so I sent them another email after the holidays. They replied quickly again an appologized for the delay, they were processing my order. A few days later the package was shipped.

And the new pack:


candy, Milk postcard, cute letter set, AATP canotier, BTSSB earmuffs

I expected just one item, but they send me quite a few new items. I’m overall quite happy, though I have the earmuffs already in full black (but I think I’ll keep them for a while).

It’s always a gamble with surprise packs, and while I think they really did their best, I might be too picky for these kind of packs, but it was fun. I’ve decided to only keep half of the first pack (postcard, bustier, headbow, headdress).


Ordered the pack on 5-12-2015
Shipped on 11-12-2015
Received 22-12-2015
Sent a mail about the wrong item 22-12-2015
Got a reply from Sasha 26-12-2015
Sent another mail about the status 5-01-2016
Got a reply 5-01-2016
Replacement item was shipped 6-01-2016
Received package 14-01-2016

Total price was 155 euros and I find the items quite worth their price.

Price: 5/5
Service: 5/5
As described: 5/5

Total: 5/5


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